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Our business model invests in efficiencies that promote faster access to the financing you need to propel your business forward. 

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Roots prides itself in having a team who knows investments, leveraging our knowledge of Caribbean markets to bring your business the value it deserves through:


  • Capital Raises: Debt or Equity or mezzanine

  • Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestment

  • Organizational Road Map for Sustainable Growth

  • Deal Structuring


We are your investment partners who are able to provide flexible capital that meets your organizational goals whether Private Equity or High Yield Debt investor. 


We are able to offer end-to-end business coaching to ensure our clients feel comfortable and stay informed throughout the transaction. Through our boutique investment services, we will cater to businesses of varying sizes and at various stages offering them convenience and greater access to the financial solutions they need to grow. 

Roots Financial Group - Landing Page (1920x1200)7.jpg
Roots Logo White.png

We'll help you realise your goals


To be a financial partner you can identify with, providing financial access, equality and fairness in business to people from all lifestyles, across the region,  to ensure positive outcomes for all.

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